Some illustrations I have been working on

Some illustrations I've been working on the past months.
I realized that I don't have the time to work traditionally anymore, not with a baby at home and my day job (even being self employed) doesn't allow me do it either. This means I have been focusing in improving my digital skills using an iPad Pro and the apple pencil.

The building were first sketched in paper and scanned:

Some commissions: 

And some season illustrations: 

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I’m back (^-^)

It’s been more than a year since I last wrote here. Nothing important happened, well, yes, I had a baby girl named Nausicaa, but I meant that nothing important happened in my illustration career. I attach a picture of her at the end.
I have been drawing, practicing, trying new things, playing around but I see that, now, more than ever, I need a personal project because I feel I am the eternal student. 
I want to be a children’s book illustrator but I keep trying new tools and new software and new apps and at the end I get this feeling that if I had invested all this time drawing in one single technique I’d have achieved something by now. (Maybe not, maybe I’d have decided that a project is too boring all the time the same and I’d have decided that I need to study something else...) 🤷‍♀️ who knows...
So... I have been working in my site and I have to make some beautiful new art for it (
I have also created a new instagram profile for my illustrations and creation…

Building a portfolio

Here are some things I have learnt trying to build the "ultimate portfolio":

There are thousands of sites which have tutorials or advice about building your portfolio and how it has to look like and what kind of work you should put in it. I have watch infinite videos and read infinite articles and at the end, there is not a magic recipe to build a great portfolio. Here are my conclusions, I hope this can help:

- Your portfolio is nothing else than your "art resumé", this means that it has to be adapted every time you want to send an appication for a job.

- There are as many portfolios as companies or specific jobs.

- Decide first where you want to send an aplication and then research what kind of portfolios they like. Nowadays most of professional artists share their experiences and how they work and what they like in social media. Follow them.

- Your portfolio is like sharing a little bit of your persona too, not only your art. If you like crafts, make the folder…

Youtube channel

I have started a youtube channel, well, I had one but I did not post there often but since I have an iPad Pro and the Procreate App does record my drawings automatically, I have started making videos and posting the progress.

Here is a link to the channel and some of the videos:

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children or #mphfpc

and why I prefer the book. When I was 18 I read the first Harry Potter book. It wasn’t till the 3rd book was out that Harry Potter became famous worldwide. In that time I was interested in literature but not in drawing, so I never did any HP fan art. Since then, I’ve read a lot of books and only some of them are interesting enough for me to try to draw my version of the books without other external influences, like movies. Now I’ve found a series of books that are really nice, entertaining, well written and that their characters are amazingly bold and interesting. So, this time, I’ve decided I’ll draw fan art but only from the book. Tim Burton has also seen the potential of this story and he is doing his movie adaptation, his point of view and how he imagines its world. It will be nice to see how he solves a lot of problems of the books because some of the parts are really scary and dark. I fear, though, that it will be very different from the book and this is something I’m not fond o…

Sketch and finished illustration – April

I usually don’t have the time to make finished illustrations but lately I’m forcing myself to do it so. I need to slowly build a portfolio so I’m finding the time to paint some of the sketches and try new things in the Sketchbook pro and Photoshop. I still don’t master the lighting so it looks like difuse light with some shadow, it’s a hard issue, I really admire people like Nathan Fowkes and his color and light illustrations!! Here is the sketch and finish illustration I did for St. George’s Day:

Value check with some colors, just having some fun 😀

My illustrations on a t-shirt

As you know, I also work in my own screenprinting atelier and we have recently expanded our activities. We do screen print but only if the order is big. Due to our localization, we just get big orders about 4 or 5 times a year and all other orders are for small groups and we couldn’t compete with the prices of other ateliers, so we thought the best thing was to start working with other printing techniques. After testing the new machines we bought, here are the first results of our brand new transfer technique. It allows us to print any drawing or picture even on a black t-shirt because we can print color white! I didn’t realize how awesome it is till we tried 😀 I’ve begun to print some of my illustrations as a test, here you have some pictures of the process and the result.