How 2021 has been so far, family, job, art...

These past years have been kind of weird... as time stopped and during this hiatus I also stopped somehow. I did work and I did plan new projects but my day to day with the kids was everything I was doing and all the other just slowed down. 

As soon as lockdowns stopped and I could work full time again in my screen printing and customization little company of one, I've been spending too many hours taking every order I could and even so it's not working as good as I hoped. Now that the girls go to school and spend the day there, I am planning some new projects such as an online shop with digital and physical items, collaborations with other freelancers and even a full sustainable clothing line for kids. I'm putting a lot of thought in how to reactivate my little company and make it viable for the years to come. (If I could, I would pay a consultor to help me with all of this...)

Side hustle: Some of you have already noticed that before summer I started endorsing a natural cosmetics and supplement brand in my social media accounts. I'll be making a separate post explaining this side project that started as a "ok, I could try" and ended me travelling to Austria at the end of the month to visit the company.

Today I stop here but I'll be back soon, mixing posts in Catalan and English but it doesn't matter much in which language I write because I think you have the option of translating the whole site anyway... 


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