Life Update 2022

 Hello everyone!! 

It's hard to find the moment to sit down and write, it's faster to upload a picture in social media and just keep going with all the daily work. (in case you don't follow me you can find me under @cuquetafera)

My girls are doing great, they are the sweetest things, but being a mom and an entrepreneur is very tiring and I am very tired at the end of the day. 

Luckily I have a lot of work, I was worried because during the pandemic and in 2021 it didn't went like before and over that, there is all the problems with the suppliers and the stock shortage of some items and I was quite worried but just 3 months ago everything changed and I've never worked that hard. I hope in the future it will be easier to organize because we have moved next to the atelier, so now I just have to learn to stop working when it's time to stop... and it's not easy because lately there is always something to do. 

There are some news since my last post but as I'm back to stay, I'll be sharing each one in a post. New home, new studio, some atelier changes, new projects.... It really has been a lot this past year. So stay tunned! 

Nausicaa and Hermione

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