Living through 2020 as a mom of 2 under 3

Hello! Here is an update that I hope is the first post of many more! 

Some of you know that I had my girl after years of infertility treatment, 7 to be exact, and we were extremely happy to welcome Nausicaa in 2018. 

Since then I have been painting and drawing but in a different way, I work more on commissions and I can't post any picture of them and I have little time to spend drawing. 

2019, when the world was still as it was, I could do a small exhibition and it made me very happy, I was also pregnant again and I had to live through the last half of it alone, at home, in lockdown. I know a lot of people were very creative but I was tired and down, I felt sorry for Nausicaa who couldn't go to school or play with friends and on July I gave birth to Hermione. 

So, I have been VERY busy... 2020 was wild and I had to think in new ways to make and use my art. Our journey to be parents has taken 10 years and we can finally move on (not that we stopped, you know what I mean). I have started some new projects and I have revived some others. I am an illustrator and a creative person but I am now first a mom, so I'm trying to build something that will work for us all. 

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