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and why I prefer the book.
When I was 18 I read the first Harry Potter book. It wasn’t till the 3rd book was out that Harry Potter became famous worldwide. In that time I was interested in literature but not in drawing, so I never did any HP fan art. Since then, I’ve read a lot of books and only some of them are interesting enough for me to try to draw my version of the books without other external influences, like movies.
Now I’ve found a series of books that are really nice, entertaining, well written and that their characters are amazingly bold and interesting. So, this time, I’ve decided I’ll draw fan art but only from the book. Tim Burton has also seen the potential of this story and he is doing his movie adaptation, his point of view and how he imagines its world. It will be nice to see how he solves a lot of problems of the books because some of the parts are really scary and dark. I fear, though, that it will be very different from the book and this is something I’m not fond of.

I saw the movie and I didn't like it at all.... it's different in so many aspects that is more an adaptation based on the book than a movie of the books.... 


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