About animation and being too old…

Yes… my goal this year is to become an animator (with or without a job in animation, just for fun) and you could say:
“Aren’t you too old to start studying animation?”
Well… maybe or maybe not… you know, this is the most asked question in my life, changing the subject, this is the formula:
“Aren’t you too old to start ………..?”
As an autistic I don’t preceive time as other people do, in fact time doesn’t quite exist for me. Someday I will write a post and draw “time” for you, so you can have an idea of how I see it… So when people ask me this I don’t know what to answer. I don’t see either the aim of this question, is that person calling me old or maybe thinks that I’m not capable and this is a nice way to express it or maybe it’s just a distintion they have in their mind about childish and adultish??
Here I have to point out that when I ask the person these doubts that I have, he or she doesn’t really know what to answer me either so it’s just useless communication. So the right answer is just “maybe” and everyone is pleased. (What stupid things humans do… I could write a whole book about this situations!)
So… this year I’ll be learning how to animate and I want to share the process with all of you!
Here is my first animated clip, it’s a walking cycle and I could make that the boy walk a long distance but it’s just the repetition of this small cycle. These are keyframes, this means that in between of these keyframes I can do more poses so he will do a smoother movement… 


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