Inktober wrap up...

We are in the middle of the month so I thought it would be a good time to post the drawings that I've done till today and see how the story is growing...

DAY 1 - The protagonist, our traveller

DAY 2 - The adventure starts! 

DAY 3 - "The wind is too strong..."

DAY 4 -  "This looks like a good place to rest and spend the night"

DAY 5 - "In the middle of the night a strong noise wakes him up.... Be quiet he tells to himself"

DAY 6 - "This is really weird... Just wait and be quiet, don't move till they leave..."

DAY 7 - "It has to be here somewhere..."

DAY 8 - "What is this place?"

DAY 9 - "This could just be some kind of storage chambers for the people who live in the mountains..."


DAY 11 - "OMG! What kind of creatures are you?? Stop licking me!!"

DAY 12 - "Ok, ok... Don't push, I'm coming with you...."

DAY 13 - "Thank the Gods there's a light here..."

DAY 14 - "Look at that, they are just babies... But, what is this place?"

DAY 15 - "WOW! This is amazing... Who lives here???"


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  1. Awww This is cute!! You should think about creating a book with it :D

  2. If this was a book, I would totally read it. Love your style.


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