Illustration in fashion - A cool project with designer Miriam Ponsa

This year I'm just going to take one class at the Illustration Art School, I don't have any more time left with our screen printing atelier starting to work... But I'm really happy with the subject I took.

I am really lucky because a designer called MIRIAM PONSA has made an arrangement with the art school and we will be learning diverse techniques to develop prints for clothing and she will use them for her next runaway in Barcelona. Isn't it cool???

What is important in this project?

To know what is the soul of her brand, so she came with lots of samples and explained us widely where her inspiration comes from and how she works and experiments. Here is a video to her "imaginari":

One of the assignments that we have is to make a sketchbook similar to the ones she makes. She doesn't believe in working when feeling inspired but letting the inspiration appear while working. So we have to start filling our sketchbook with all our ideas, pictures... All handmade and dirty if needed. Here is a video that she made showing one of her collection sketchbooks:

I'm very excited and I wish it's weekend and I can start working on it :D
And of course I'll be posting my progress, mainly in Instagram because I love that platform but I'll be doing summaries also here in the blog. (Link to my Instagram @cuquetafera)

Can't wait to start showing you things!

*If you are interested in seeing videos of her runaways or collection, here is the link to her youtube channel. 

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