PROMO TIME! Classy and Fab London

I just wanted to share with you a silkscreen printing project that our atelier is part of. We print the t-shirts for the brand Classy and Fab London and we love it!

During this month there is a Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt available, check it out:

Why Classy and Fab? 

Dear Classy, Dear Fab
I would like to introduce myself – I am Classy & Fab and I think we have so much in common.
I wake up totally “Classy” on Monday mornings – ready to dress smart, put on my makeup and brush my hair like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.
You, like me, feel so elegant when you are “Classy” – we put our clothes on feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys, but let´s be honest – sometimes we finish the day looking more  like Michelle Pfeiffer in “One fine day”.
We look after our body with clases, yoga, running, paddle surf:;- whatever is hot at the moment, so we can slip into the finest of dresses when we want to show our most coiffed and manicured perfect self.
But we have already refused point blank to sacrifice ourselves totally – to not have a relaxing and so well deserved glass of wine after work with a friend or to dive into a huge G&T Sue Ellen style from Dallas. We also buy Belgian chocolate Haagen Dazs, knowing full well that the sofa, blanket and chick flick moment will arrive and we´ll throw away all those ours of being trussed up in Lycra, perspiring  like a champion on the treadmill.
We live in an eternal dichotomy of versions of the perfect woman – the professional superwoman, the healthy, flexible go anywhere adventurer, grade A mum, smouldering temptress, when in reality we know that if we had more time, we would be perfect professionals, we´d have a body like Elle Macpherson, we´d study with our kids for two hours every night, we´d bake and cook like a Michelin chef and make 50 shades of grey look like a nursery rhyme.
For that reason we ignore impossible dreams. Why? We are just as perfect dressed in a LBD as with the ripped T shirt and the frayed jeans. Accept it! We love to take photos with our face creased in laughter, tears in our eyes as we explode with laughter with our friends, our families or surrounded by people we have just met then slide down a toboggan and have a water balloon fight with our kids or even someone else´s.
Because we are authentic when we are “Classy”, elegant, intelligent, and the perfect perfectionist and we are just as authentic being “Fab”, funny, crazy, ironic, full of all the special idiosyncrasies and defects that make us special and unique.

Origin of the Brand.
Coco Chanel once said all a woman needs to be is Classy and Fabulous. We may manage to be chic like Chanel some of the time but at least part of the times we seem to be a bit more like Edina and Patsy, the main characters of the hit nineties TV show Absolutely Fabulous.
The brand Classy & Fab Is a homage to the parts of these three incredible woman that we all have within us and to celebrate all the parts of our rich and complex lives and personalities.
Concept of the Brand
Classy & Fab London is a Brand aimed at women who don´t identify themselves with any particular group and refuse to be defined by a particular label, but have elements of many different types of woman within their characters.
Sometimes we are feminists, sometimes we like the help of a man.
Elegant sometimes, wild hair and smudged makeup others.
Healthy most of the time but open to pure pleasure and to not feel guilty afterwards
Perfectionists, strong and brave, but equally can cry at a Pixar movie for kids.
With clear ideas, targets and ambition most of the time and feeling lost, bloated and fragile when at the whim of our crazy hormones.
Tired of narrow definitions of herself – she´s black or white or sometimes every shade of grey in the middle and she´s also sometimes 50 shades of grey.
  • Coco Chanel said: women have to be only 2 things: classy and fabulous.
  • Our Classy woman is the same as the Fab woman when she has on her WORK face.
  • She travels and she needs a functional suitcase, ideally hand luggage and she needs clothing pieces that will adapt to many situations
  • She is very professional and she doesn’t like to be too sexy in her work. Neither does she want to be like a man. She wants to be elegant, sober and to be taken seriously. 
  • The imperfection. The faults. Weakness…. All that, UNTIL NOW, all magazines said: “how you can avoid to be… (FAT, IMPERECT, OLD,….)”
  • Our Fab woman has spent all day doing kind faces and being near to perfect and also needs to explode, let her hair down and let the chips fall where they may.
  • She knows that drink doesn´t solve any problems,  but… why not? What better than a night with her friends and to have a few drinks?
  • She loves her family but… sometimes she wants and needs to be alone!
  • She loves to be clean and have everything in order but… what happens if her tights are broken just before a date???
  • We love that weakness that makes us special and different

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