Cray Cray and Picasso

For the ones that doesn't follow me in Facebook, somedays (unfortunately not every week) I attend some classes at a local Art School. As I am not a regular student, I try to do the assignments but what I like most is to sit down with the teachers and ask them questions and try to understand some of the things (still lots of them) that I don't understand. 

In the last 2 years in the school and in the last 3 months in the Oatley Academy online I've been listening of how important emotions in our stories or drawings are. 

As I don't recognize emotion (I have alexythimia) I have been trying for so long to understand emotions and emotional people, my second Uni career was Psychology, and although I have a broad classification of emotions now and I'm able to identify most of them, I don't know if I can have the ability to transmit them through my drawings. 

When I draw people they all seem to be absent or sad. I spent the last year trying to draw different eyes and mouths but then, they just told different emotions and was really confusing. 

I look "normal", I talk "normal" (sometimes when I am nervous I mix words and languages, but it seems to be funny for the person in front of me, so it's not a big deal anymore), but all my brain works different and sometimes is really hard to see that very basic things like emotions are so difficult for me. I remember my mom being really mad because I couldn't understand how she was feeling at some point. It's not that it doesn't matter to me, it's just that I don't get it. 

Yesterday, I was told that it doesn't matter if I can recognize or transmit emotion like others, any trait that we have make us unique and what matters is how we tell the story. Thank you Cray Cray people!

I also was in the Picasso Museum yesterday and it was really inspiring, not the way I should think inspiration was, it was inspiring to see that most of Picasso's works hanged in there were unfinished, a lot of them were just messy sketches. There was a temporal exhibition of Dali's works that were compared to Picasso's and you couldn't really tell who painted what. 

In 3 of the rooms, there were Picasso painting, were he just painted different versions of the "Meninas" of Vel├ízquez. Copies and copies with different colors of that famous painting. So fan art was already in... :) 

I learned that anything counts and that the emotion is not the one that I want to transmit, it is the emotion of the one that sees my painting. 

So I have decided to just share my sketches, not only the ones that I post on Instagram, I want to share my work with all of you and please feel free to critic it. 

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