It is difficult to find the time to start organizing all the digital content that we have online but at some point it is really necessary. I have this website since 2008, I started writing my feelings and doing some drawings but it was mainly a written blog. After that came Fotolog and after that I discovered Wordpress, Facebook.... and lots of new platforms. Now I am older and digitally mature (I have just invented the concept), so now I can get rid of part of my stuff, select some social networks where I want to be and delete my profile from other ones. 

My passion is to draw and to tell stories, so this is what I will be doing in this new stage of my life. I want to share my evolution with you so I have linked most of my digital profiles and the content will be mostly the same, my daily sketches, and I keep this one, CUQUETAFERA.COM to share with you my thoughts and my professional progress. 

On the top of the site you have all the icons of the other profiles, so feel free to follow the one that you like or use the most. 


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