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Cray Cray and Picasso

For the ones that doesn't follow me in Facebook, somedays (unfortunately not every week) I attend some classes at a local Art School. As I am not a regular student, I try to do the assignments but what I like most is to sit down with the teachers and ask them questions and try to understand some of the things (still lots of them) that I don't understand. 
In the last 2 years in the school and in the last 3 months in the Oatley Academy online I've been listening of how important emotions in our stories or drawings are. 
As I don't recognize emotion (I have alexythimia) I have been trying for so long to understand emotions and emotional people, my second Uni career was Psychology, and although I have a broad classification of emotions now and I'm able to identify most of them, I don't know if I can have the ability to transmit them through my drawings. 
When I draw people they all seem to be absent or sad. I spent the last year trying to draw different eyes and …

Taller de Serigrafia al TicDate de Navàs

Flyer estampat a 5 tintes i 11 passades (davant i darrera) en serigrafia especialment per al TicDate.

Demà us convidem a passar per la pista Sant Jordi de Navàs on hi haurà tot d'activitat relacionada amb la tecnologia i emprenedors.
De 5 a 6 de la tarda estarem presentant el nostre projecte Borinot Gràfic. Serà una breu explicació on podreu veure el que es pot fer amb serigrafia i llavors estamparem una mica!
Aquí podeu consultar el programa. 
Us hi esperem!