Edx Course: The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture

Just wanted to share this course. I don't know if the enrollment is already closed because the fist week of classes is already over but it is highly recommendable. 

I took another course about comics in an american university through Coursera but it was more theorical than practical and this one is the other way round. For those, like me, that never know how to start a project, this course offers you the guidelines step by step to get started and it is really easy to follow and without even thought about that you start creating your comic characters. I just love the way they give the course and I specially like that Stan Lee is one of the professors. 

Here is the link:


SERIGRAFIA / Silkscreen printing

Des de l'estiu passat, l'Albert i jo vam començar un projecte comú que s'ha convertit en una petita empresa de serigrafia. Hem estat treballant de valent i aprenent cada dia coses noves sobre aquesta professió. 

D'aquí uns mesos tindrem un taller nou i esperem continuar fent molta (i bona) feina i alguns tallers i tot! 

Us deixem unes fotos d'algunes feines que hem fet: 

Last summer, my husband and I, started a silkscreen printing project that is now a very small company. We have been working hard and we have been learning new things of this artisan profession since then. 

Here are some pictures of the works that we have done: 


Samarretes en grans quantitats: 

Some illustrations I have been working on

Some illustrations I've been working on the past months. I realized that I don't have the time to work traditionally anymore, not w...