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Building a portfolio

Here are some things I have learnt trying to build the "ultimate portfolio":

There are thousands of sites which have tutorials or advice about building your portfolio and how it has to look like and what kind of work you should put in it. I have watch infinite videos and read infinite articles and at the end, there is not a magic recipe to build a great portfolio. Here are my conclusions, I hope this can help:

- Your portfolio is nothing else than your "art resumé", this means that it has to be adapted every time you want to send an appication for a job.

- There are as many portfolios as companies or specific jobs.

- Decide first where you want to send an aplication and then research what kind of portfolios they like. Nowadays most of professional artists share their experiences and how they work and what they like in social media. Follow them.

- Your portfolio is like sharing a little bit of your persona too, not only your art. If you like crafts, make the folder…