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and why I prefer the book.
When I was 18 I read the first Harry Potter book. It wasn’t till the 3rd book was out that Harry Potter became famous worldwide. In that time I was interested in literature but not in drawing, so I never did any HP fan art. Since then, I’ve read a lot of books and only some of them are interesting enough for me to try to draw my version of the books without other external influences, like movies.
Now I’ve found a series of books that are really nice, entertaining, well written and that their characters are amazingly bold and interesting. So, this time, I’ve decided I’ll draw fan art but only from the book. Tim Burton has also seen the potential of this story and he is doing his movie adaptation, his point of view and how he imagines its world. It will be nice to see how he solves a lot of problems of the books because some of the parts are really scary and dark. I fear, though, that it will be very different from the book and this is something I’m not fond of.

I saw the movie and I didn't like it at all.... it's different in so many aspects that is more an adaptation based on the book than a movie of the books.... 

Sketch and finished illustration – April

I usually don’t have the time to make finished illustrations but lately I’m forcing myself to do it so. I need to slowly build a portfolio so I’m finding the time to paint some of the sketches and try new things in the Sketchbook pro and Photoshop. I still don’t master the lighting so it looks like difuse light with some shadow, it’s a hard issue, I really admire people like Nathan Fowkes and his color and light illustrations!!
Here is the sketch and finish illustration I did for St. George’s Day:

Value check with some colors, just having some fun ๐Ÿ˜€

My illustrations on a t-shirt

As you know, I also work in my own screenprinting atelier and we have recently expanded our activities. We do screen print but only if the order is big. Due to our localization, we just get big orders about 4 or 5 times a year and all other orders are for small groups and we couldn’t compete with the prices of other ateliers, so we thought the best thing was to start working with other printing techniques.
After testing the new machines we bought, here are the first results of our brand new transfer technique. It allows us to print any drawing or picture even on a black t-shirt because we can print color white! I didn’t realize how awesome it is till we tried ๐Ÿ˜€
I’ve begun to print some of my illustrations as a test, here you have some pictures of the process and the result.

Thinking in animation frames

In the last weeks my mind was just blown away by animation. As a synesthete and autistic female (note that gender is important here and we are not the same as male autistics, so forgot all what you know about autistic behavior right now), we think in images, and in my case, due to synesthesia, I think in color.
So, if you have to do a hierarchy, when I think or listen to someone, the first thing I see is the color of the words and the images of the meanings, in any case I fully listen to the words… this leads to some misunderstandings and weird images sometimes but is mainly funny (for me). But this is to talk in another post…
Following the concept of my way to perceive words and sentences, it may be an obvious thing, but I’ve just realized that I can resume my way of thoughts as animation frames, more precisely keyframes. I’m pretty happy with that because now I have another way to explain how my brain works but is limited to people who works in animation, although I think anyone can imagine it.
I’ve been struggling with my drawing level because I just don’t get anatomy right and I have forgotten that what I want to draw for is to communicate what I feel and think, sometimes I just don’t see when I’m off my path.
Anyway, what I wanted to show you is my progression in animation, that is quite fast and I guess this is thanks this thinking in frames that helps me with the right election of keyframes… ๐Ÿ˜€
Here are the rough animation tests or the line tests. I’ll be posting finished animations soon, these are what we do in class but I’m also working on some scenes that are more of a personal project.

About animation and being too old…

Yes… my goal this year is to become an animator (with or without a job in animation, just for fun) and you could say:
“Aren’t you too old to start studying animation?”
Well… maybe or maybe not… you know, this is the most asked question in my life, changing the subject, this is the formula:
“Aren’t you too old to start ………..?”
As an autistic I don’t preceive time as other people do, in fact time doesn’t quite exist for me. Someday I will write a post and draw “time” for you, so you can have an idea of how I see it… So when people ask me this I don’t know what to answer. I don’t see either the aim of this question, is that person calling me old or maybe thinks that I’m not capable and this is a nice way to express it or maybe it’s just a distintion they have in their mind about childish and adultish??
Here I have to point out that when I ask the person these doubts that I have, he or she doesn’t really know what to answer me either so it’s just useless communication. So the right answer is just “maybe” and everyone is pleased. (What stupid things humans do… I could write a whole book about this situations!)
So… this year I’ll be learning how to animate and I want to share the process with all of you!
Here is my first animated clip, it’s a walking cycle and I could make that the boy walk a long distance but it’s just the repetition of this small cycle. These are keyframes, this means that in between of these keyframes I can do more poses so he will do a smoother movement… 

My Christmas Card

I’m a bit late but I just wanted to share with you the Christmas Card that I did to post on my social media sites.
Volia compartir aquest dibuix que vaig fer com a postal de Nadal per a les meves pร gines.

Some illustrations I have been working on

Some illustrations I've been working on the past months. I realized that I don't have the time to work traditionally anymore, not w...