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What if anything you create, a draft, a poem, a picture with your phone, an article or a blog post... won't be protected by copyright anymore?? What if someone could just take it, put her/his name on there and get money for it and you couldn't do anything because there wouldn't be any protection anymore unless you PAY FOR IT?

Specially for any american artist/blogger/photographer, or anyone that likes to post something in the internet, please take the time to go to the youtube video and if you don't have time to listen to it jumpt to the 1:19:00 and listen just 5 minutes, look at the links and if you can, and send some lines to make that the law won't be approved (all online, just send something). Deadline is Thursday July 23th. 

Spanish summary: En USA están discutiendo una ley en la que cualquier cosa que se cuelgue en internet no tendrá ningún tipo de copyright a menos que se pague un servicio privado de registros. Se tendrán que registrar esbozos, fotos, escritos, todo! Cualquier persona o empresa tendría el poder de "robar" el trabajo de alguien y poner su nombre y cobrar por ello.
Catalan summary: Es veu que 8 estudiants de dret que van fer un seminari d'un dia sobre drets d'autor a EUA, es van il·luminar i van presentar un projecte de llei que ens deix…